Feliciano: “The irruption of Carlos Alcaraz was something that Spanish tennis needed”

The tennis player and director of the Mutua Madrid Open Feliciano López, during the act of renewing the agreement of the Mutua Madrid Open until 2030.

The Spanish tennis player Feliciano López has celebrated “the breath of tremendous fresh air” that has meant the “irruption” in the ATP circuit of Carlos Alcaraz, a quarterfinalist at the US Open at just 18 years old, and has assured that “Spanish tennis needed” news like this because it is about “a special player.”

“Carlos’s irruption has been a tremendous breath of fresh air. I think he is a unique player with special things that only a select few have., and especially his maturity for how young he is. In the end we cannot forget that he is 18 years old and that he is competing against the best in the world on the biggest stages. I think it was something that Spanish tennis needed, “López said to the press at the Caja Mágica.

In any case, he clarified that “obviously there will not be another Rafa Nadal “and warned that” the comparisons do not benefit Carlos or any Spanish player let him come after “the Balearic player, currently out due to injury.

“That said, Carlos is what any country dreams of having. Beyond how good he is, he is the charisma he has, he is a player that attracts people and of those there are very fewThey arise from time to time and you have to try to take advantage of them. A player who at the age of 18 puts Artur Ashe on his feet against the number three in the world … These things must be valued a lot, “he said.

In his role as director of the Mutua Madrid Open, ‘Feli’ also underlined that “Carlos is one of those players who drags people because he has a self-confidence and knowledge to be on the court that is not appropriate for an 18-year-old boy”. “In addition, his tennis is very versatile, very spectacular and hooks people. That is something that you do not buy in the store, he has it naturally because of his way of being. That is why I think he is a special player and I hope we can. have Manolo Santana on the track for many years, “he wished.

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