French police stop and search James Harden in Paris

French police stopped James Harden in the middle of the street during her visit to fashion week in Paris. The player was not arrested or reported for no crime, French authorities later reported.

The media did give more details of the meeting between the NBA star and the police, which was accompanied by Kanye West and Lil Baby. The agents Harden was stopped after smelling cannabis in the area.

The situation occurred on Avenue Montaigne, one of the most expensive in the French capital. According to local media, Harden tried to intervene in the police action and that was when he was searched by the agents.

Lil Baby, who accompanies Harden to Paris Fashion Week, was arrested Thursday for drug possession.. According to the media, the police found 20 grams of cannabis in your vehicle. Another person is detained, although the authorities have not revealed his identity.

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