Torrey Craig left the game injured after a clash with Anteto

Suns He achieved his second victory in these NBA Finals last night but, as in the first game of the series, the victory came at a cost. Torrey
Craig left the party injured after a fortuitous clash with Giannis Antetokounmpo.

If in Game 1 it was Darius
Saric the one who left the court injured, to later confirm a break of the ligament crossed, last night it was Torrey Craig. However, the Craig thing seems to be just a contusion
that is due to the blow suffered.

The action, totally fortuitous, it happened when Craig got in the way of Antetokounmpo during a charge of the Greek. Giannis, who threw the team behind his back in the second half, attacked the basket with force and found the defender in front, with whom crashed inevitably.

Craig wore six points in seven minutes disputed and needed the help of his teammates and the medical staff to get up and leave the court, with the ovation from the stands.

As much as Craig don’t be a player with many minutes In this tie, any kind of break that the starters have is welcome. Without Saric and Craig in the air heading into Game 3, Monty Williams may be forced to adjust his rotation.

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