Fernando Alonso’s impressive highlight at the Azerbaijan GP: from 10th to 6th in five corners

The highlight of Fernando Alonso in the Azerbaijan GP

The highlight of Fernando Alonso in the Azerbaijan GP
The highlight of Fernando Alonso in the Azerbaijan GP

Fernando Alonso still has a lot to teach in the Formula 1, as demonstrated in the highlighted by two turns of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. As an old man, nothing at all.

Fernando Alonso, on the second grid of the Azerbaijan GP

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A master lesson in how to start, also facilitated by an exit system in which Alpine He has worked a lot, as Alonso himself confessed after the Baku race. It is worth analyzing step by step how that first round of the two finals was like.

From 10th to 6th, meter by meter

Tenth position of the new grid, on the left side and focused towards the inside of the first corner. To your right part Daniel Ricciardo with the Mclaren, with Carlos Sainz just ahead. All three arrive practically parallel to the first vertex, and there the Australian falls.

Alonso and Sainz They start a little battle on the next straight, but the Alpine pulls better than the Ferrari (Sainz later regretted that he has serious problems in this type of overhang due to the temperature of the tires) and in turn two the Madrilenian brakes, leaving the Asturian ahead seventh, since Lewis hamilton he had already committed his glaring mistake previously.

With your sights set on Lando norris Y Yuki tsunoda, Alonso cooked the last overtaking in the next two laps until at the fifth turn he got behind the wheel of the AlphaTauri and on the outside he leaves the Japanese novice (who idolizes him, as he confessed) behind. Alonso was already 6th and had not even completed the first of the two laps of this ‘minicarrera’.

Fernando Alonso, during the Azerbaijan GP

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Obviously, Alonso was more than satisfied for that final performance, after a difficult race in the intermediate stint on hard tires.

“I would talk to the team before the highlight and I would say … ‘Look, we’re going to go for it. If there is any gap, I’m going to get in. If we lose a point, we go against the wall or we lose the front wing, bad luck., but let’s try. ‘ They were two very fun laps, they tasted little. Almost another highlight would have been good, “joked an Alonso who left Azerbaijan with 13 points, one more than his partner Esteban Ocon, in the general classification of the World Cup.

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