Record of precocity of Juan Núñez after debuting in ACB

Nunez had a Sunday full of emotions. In the morning he had to watch from a distance how his team, the junior from the quarry of Real
Madrid, was proclaimed champion of the Adidas Next Generation tournament.

However, his absence from that tournament was due to Paul
Laso he had decided to summon him with the first team. Núñez was part of the squad that faced Valencia
Basket in the first semifinal match of League

Pablo Laso decided to make his boy debut, 17 years and 2 days, making him one of the youngest to debut in the ACB. He is behind the brands of Ricky Rubio, Ángel Rebolo, his partner Carlos Alocén or Luka Doncic.

He jumped onto the court at the end of the first quarter and ended the match with almost 10 minutes played, two points and one assist. His precocity record is double, since he became the fourth youngest player to make his playoff debut, only behind Juan Pedro Cazorla who did it almost 30 years ago with Baskonia, Luka Doncic with Real Madrid and Ricky Rubio, with Penya.

In a Madrid plagued with injuries, Laso wanted give the opportunity to the young pearl of her quarry, who finished the game on the court next to Tristan Vukcevic, another junior who has spent much of the season in the ranks of the first team.

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