Fernando Alonso, to confirm the good feelings in the French GP

Fernando Alonso, in the F1 French GP

Fernando Alonso, in the F1 French GP
Fernando Alonso, in the F1 French GP
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Fernando Alonso he feels better in each race than in the previous one, and this Sunday in the French GP has a great opportunity to confirm those good omens. After some workouts in which has consistently surpassed Esteban Ocon For the first weekend of this 2021, he will try to sneak into the noble zone and repeat, at least, the good 6th of the past Azerbaijan GP.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso already marks ground on Esteban Ocon and Carlos Sainz aspires to return to the noble zone

The best Spanish options will go through a Carlos Sainz which was confirmed this Saturday as the best of the rest. Surpassed only by Red bull and the Mercedes, the Madrilenian will try to maintain that ‘top 5’, for which he will have to defend the position well with those who attack him. The Madrilenian already had a scare in the training lap when he had a runway exit that cost him a plane on the tire, although they could change it on the grid.

Up there will be a fight. Max verstappen he took the pole from Lewis hamilton (the first time he did not come out first at Paul Ricard) and he promises to make things difficult for the seven-time champion, as has been constant throughout the season.

Alonso gains two positions at the start and Hamilton takes the lead

It was not a good race start for the poleman, since Verstappen gave up first place in the first corner. The Dutchman got in badly and had to go around the corner to hold second place, although he really should have come out a lot more on the outside.

That benefited a Hamilton who went to the front of the pack, with Bottas third trying to maintain the good rhythm that the Dutchman began to put in. Behind, Fernando Alonso demonstrated a new good start: from 9th to 7th in the first laps, although he ended up yielding one with Charles Leclerc. In the end, of these first skirmishes, 8th. Carlos Sainz, on the other hand, did hold fifth place on the grid without problems.

After holding out until lap 11, Alonso ended up giving up with the McLaren, much faster and with a good pace. The Spaniard fell to 10th place and began to have to think about the rhythm of the tires, as his means began to sink while behind Sebastian vettel with hard in better condition. Two laps lasted.

The degradation began to be a serious problem for everyone, as he began to regret Carlos Sainz, which, although, resisted in the zone of no one in that 5th place. That made Alonso become team leader: “Everyone is beginning to suffer, think about it”. The message was clear: I wanted to go into the pits to change wheels.

However, in Alpine they weren’t in such a rush. The hard tires began to shine for a ‘race in the pitlane’ between all.

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