Fernando Alonso finds more problems in his adaptation: why does he suffer so much on Saturdays one lap?

Fernando Alonso, in the Alpine box

Fernando Alonso, in the Alpine box
Fernando Alonso, in the Alpine box
XPB / James Moy Photography Ltd.

Fans of Fernando Alonso They are already resigned to admitting that it is not being the dream comeback. The adaptation of the Asturian to the Alpine A521 It is not letting it unfold its full potential, and among many factors that can be analyzed, two of them are technical, although related.

Fernando Alonso, during a tire change

Fernando Alonso’s Achilles heel on his return to Formula 1 is exposed at the Spanish GP

The first and fundamental are the tires. The Pirelli’s optimal performance range has a lot less headroom than I expected, and you haven’t quite found the point. This problem can only be fixed by rolling and rolling, but what looked like it was going to be three or four races have become “eight or nine”, he has admitted. The plan continues, although not at the speed he wanted.

The second is more complex to fix, forcing you to slightly modify your driving. It was perfectly seen in the practice of the Monaco GP, when Alonso hit the wall of Anthony Nogues while trying to control the steering wheel of his car. It’s the power steering.

This element is much more decisive during qualifying than during the race, where the limits are sought at a much more explosive pace: in one or two laps everything should be perfect.

Alonso does not have enough confidence with the management of the Alpine, and it shows on Saturdays, where he has been surpassed four out of five by Esteban Ocon. The analyst Carlos Barazal, director of GPCast, explained it in the Keep Pushing F1 program on the Monegasque appointment.

Fernando Alonso, at the Spanish GP

Alpine takes action in the matter before the difficulties that Fernando Alonso is having in his return to Formula 1

Alpine has already promised that it will work on it, but it is not easy as it requires a structural modification of the car, at least on its side. He promised it after the Spanish GP, at the beginning of May, and it won’t be at least until French GP, after the appointment of Azerbaijan through the intricate streets of Baku.

That implies that, in theory, a much more comfortable summer is coming for Alonso. However, the focus remains on the horizon of 2022. By then, these problems will be a thing of the past … or so the Asturian hopes.

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