The childish error of the Pirates before the mischief of Javi Baez

So was the incredible mistake of the Pirates against Javi Baez and the Cubs.

Lyou Pittsburgh Pirates They are, along with the Dbacks, the team that has the fewest victories in the National League and Thursday at noon was one more example of why.

In the top of the third inning at PNC Park against the Cubs, Javi baez he went up to bat with a man at second and two outs. He was dominated with a grounder to third, the inning had to be finished, but in an incredible way it ended with a run for Chicago after the throw of third baseman, Erik González, was wide open and although Will Craig caught him out of the bag, decided to go chase the Cubs, who ran back to the plate. Little League mistake.

In this confusion Willson Contreras kept running and swept to get to the plate. Still. Baez took advantage of the confusion to go to first, the shot was bad and he finished in second.

The thing did not end there, because Happ singled and Baez scored the Cubs’ third.

So what could have ended with taking two steps and stepping first ended with two runs against Pittsburgh.

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