Djokovic: “Medvedev deserves to be number one”

Novak Djokovic at a press conference prior to Dubai.

Serbian Novak Djokovic returns to competition at the Dubai tournament where the new season begins after not having been able to compete in the Australian Open due to not being vaccinated for covid 19 and, therefore, not complying with the health requirements of the country from which he was expelled.

the serbian starts the course in a competition that has won five timesthe last one two seasons ago and will debut with the young Italian Lorenzo Musetti (Monday, 5:30 p.m.), whom he beat at Roland Garros in the past.

Djokovic assured, in the press conference prior to the start of the tournament, that has already assimilated everything that happened in Melbourne and that he wants to focus on the competitionalthough he still remembers with bitterness what he experienced last January.

“There were a lot of emotions on my return from Australia. He needed time to think and rest mentally. I ended up disappointed. I was saddened by everything that happened and how I had to leave the country. Afterwards, I really wanted to play again and compete,” said Djokovic who underwent a planning of three or four weeks of preparation to face the season.

The future of the season does not have a concrete plan for Djokovic who will participate in the tournaments depending on the demands of each country and if you have the possibility to travel to those places without having to be vaccinated.

“I am going to have to follow the regulations. Whenever they allow me to play a tournament, I will go to that place to play it. I don’t intend to play a full season of playing everything. It wasn’t my idea before either. I had intended to focus on the Grand Slams and some Masters 1000s, but now the situation is different. I can’t choose and I will play where I can.”assumes the Serbian who has already trained in Dubai, where he has met some tennis players.

“The players I’ve met in the dressing room here have been quite positive and I’ve had a good reception. I can’t say the same about Australia, where everything was a bit like Australia. All good here“, he indicated.

Novak Djokovic may lose the number one in the world in favor of the Russian Daniil Medvedev who disputes the Acapulco tournament. If the Muscovite wins or does the same role as the Serb in Dubai, he will rise to the top of the world ranking. The Balkan has it assumed. “I know it can happen and it depends on what I do here but I’m not aware of all the possibilities. The only thing on my mind is to win every game I play. Medvedev deserves to be number one. If you do this week I’ll be the first to congratulate youDjokovic said.

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