Djokovic and GOAT: “I leave it to the tennis experts and the fans”

Djokovic and GOAT: "I leave it to the tennis experts and the fans"

Over the years it has been increasingly difficult to respond to the debate that generated the appearance of the Big three in tennis almost two decades ago: Who is the GOAT? (greatest of all time). The feeling is that it has gone on for ages. Roger Federer he exercised overwhelming dominance during his early years as No. 1. Then Rafael Nadal turned the tables, but in recent years it has the feeling that the master of the circuit is Novak Djokovic.

But what does the Serbian think about being ‘The Best of all time’? “I understand the people who enjoy the debate on the GOAT and who want to know our view on that aspect, but I don’t know the answer from Rafa and Roger. Nor do I want to speculate too much about which are the criteria for evaluating it and which are not. I leave it to the tennis experts, analysts and the fans also of course. For me, winning the Grand Slams represents great satisfaction and they are a motivation because they are the biggest tournaments “, explained the Belgrade after winning Roland Garros against Serbian media, so he avoids getting wet in the eternal debate.

Photo by Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic

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Of course, arguments has been gained more than enough to consider it the GOAT: Historical record of weeks as world number 1, the only player of the ‘Open Era’ to conquer at least twice each Grand Slam (total 19), more great titles than anyone in history (60, among majors, Masters 1,000 and Masters Cups), the only tennis player who has beaten Nadal twice at Roland Garros and, if that were not enough, only tennis player with a favorable balance against the Balearic himself (30-28) and Federer (27-23). However, the debate will always be served …

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