Davis Cup 2022: when are the finals, where are they played, qualified teams, calendar and format

Davis Cup Trophy.

The road to the 2022 Davis Cup Finals is already underway. After the qualifying round, the countries that will compete for the coveted trophy are already known.

Schedule and format of the 2022 Davis Cup Finals

The 2022 Davis Cup Finals are divided into two stops. The first will consist of four groups made up of four countries each and It will be held from September 14 to 18. The second, which will start in quarter finalswill take place from 23 to 27 Novemberalready with a direct elimination format.

Where are the 2022 Davis Cup Finals being played?

The 2022 Davis Cup Finals will not have a single venue. Four different cities will host the group stage in September; the direct qualifiers, on the other hand, will all be held in the same venue. At the moment, they are all to be confirmed.

Which teams will play the 2022 Davis Cup Finals?

16 teams will fight to win the Davis Cup, popularly known as the “salad bowl”. Four of them have done it directly. At the moment, they are safe Croatia for being a finalist in 2021, Serbian and Britain as a wild card. Russiawinner in 2021, has been sidelined and will be replaced.

The rest of the teams, specifically 12, have had to beat other national teams. These are: Spain, France, Belgium, United States, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Australia, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Argentina and South Korea.

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