Dallas Cowboys sends condolences to Gerardo Valtierra’s family

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The organization of Dallas cowboys as the owner Jerry jones they sent a letter to the family of Gerardo Valtierra to convey its deepest condolences on the death of the journalist last February.

“I found out about the recent death of Gerardo. I understand you were a devoted fan of the Dallas Cowboys, and on behalf of the broadcast organization, we would like to offer our condolences.

“Gerardo’s support is an inspiration that goes beyond football. He encourages us that, through our team, he was able to create a community, cherish memories and form deep bonds, ”reads the letter that the Lone Star team sent to their close friends.

Gerardo Valtierra was part of the TUDN team

But his legacy stayed with his family, who are asked by the Cowboys to continue supporting the team in the same loyal, positive and hopeful spirit that he had.

In addition, he noted that the Dallas football team of the NFL works to be the best team in the league again, with a record of five Super Bowl titles.

“We are grateful to have played a small role in Gerardo’s life and we appreciate his legacy for the enthusiasm and love of our team! We offer you our prayers and best wishes! “


This is how we remember Gerardo Valtierra! Great coverage and an earthquake

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