Rob Manfred: “70% of players and employees have the vaccine”

Manfred talks about vaccination in the Major Leagues.

ANDl 70% of Major League Baseball players, field employees, and support personnel have received at least the first dose of the vaccine against coronavirus.

Rob Major League Baseball Commissioner Manfred made the announcement Tuesday during a virtual interview. with the SporticoLive site.

In an email sent to The Associated Press, Manfred said his calculation referred to all individuals defined as the First Stratum in the major league protocols, including players, field personnel, including manager coaches and physical therapists, as well as Essential employees who need to be around other people, such as translators, media workers, and travel organizers.

Manfred explained that the 70% figure includes first doses of vaccines for those who should receive one more.

“I think that we are hovering around 70%. The clubs have really worked hard with their players “, commented the commissioner. “We continue to push to reach a number of 85% that we consider very important.”

Major League Baseball reported on March 29 to players that the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 would be relaxed when 85% were vaccinated of the personnel of the First Stratum.

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