Conor McGregor makes a terrible pitch in the Cubs vs Twins game

Conor McGregor is the highest paid athlete in the world according to Forbes

Conor McGregor threw the first ball of the game played at Wrigley Field between the Chicago Cubs against the Minnesota Twins, game somewhat irrelevant for both because they are part of the last places of their divisions prior to the playoffs.

The Irishman threw the ball with his left arm, which came out above expectations. It should be noted that the professional mixed martial arts fighter suffers an injury to one of his tibiae, because broke completely during the confrontation against Dustin Poirier at the UFC 264 show.

Conor McGregor went out to the diamond without his cane who accompanied him right at the MTV Video Music Awards gala, an event in which he took the covers because he attacked Machine Gun Kelly for no apparent reason allegedly because the rapper and his wife, the actress Megan Fox, denied a photograph to the former champion of the UFC, so the fighter decided to go to the blows.

But perhaps what accompanies Conor McGregor’s thoughts is his recent first place as the highest paid athlete in the world. upon receiving $ 180 million dollars from May 1, 2020 to the same date but 2021.

The Cubs, meanwhile, are second to last in the Central part of the National League, while the Twins are last in the AL Central area, so tonight of September 21, pride plays more.

During the bottom of the fourth inning, the Minnesota Twins outscored the Chicago Cubs five runs to three on the road.

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