Antonio Lobato tells of Raikkonen’s drunkenness in La Resistencia: “He went from side to side, absolutely blown away”

Antonio Lobato, in The Resistance

Antonio Lobato, in The Resistance
Antonio Lobato, in The Resistance

The resistance last Tuesday he had as a special guest Antonio Lobato, Narrator of Formula 1 in Spain for more than 15 years. A man who has practically personified this sport and who hides all kinds of anecdotes with some of the most iconic characters in the history of the Great Circus, as he has told in his appearance on the program with David Broncano.

A fan of the public had the opportunity to ask the journalist a question and did not hesitate to ask about one of the most curious characters in Formula 1 in recent years, Kimi raikkonen. The 2007 world champion is considered one of the best drivers of his generation and has left all kinds of moments, beyond sports, in this years.

Specifically, Lobato was asked if he had ever partied with the Finnadmitting that, despite never having dated him, she had coincided with him at parties … and in what way. The journalist recounted two specific occasions on which he had met Raikkonen, in Budapest and in Brazil.

“The first was at a party on a boat after the Grand Prix. Luckily he was docked, because if not Kimi gets off on the move. We were at the entrance and Kimi came out side by side with the label of the discos, but put on the forehead“Lobato began remembering.” All the television team took pictures with him and him, absolutely blown“, he counted.

The narrator added that a few days later it turned out that the pilot had lost his wallet, passport and money, and that could not leave Hungary. He also rescued his departure with Raikkonen in Brazil, describing the situation in a very graphic way.

“At a bar counter, Kimi Raikkonen lying on his back. Some guys were filling his mouth with spirit drink, they shook his head and he drank“, he concluded, drawing laughter and applause from the audience.

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