Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds, the ‘Field of Dreams Game’ of 2022

The Field of Dreams game will be between the Chicago Cubs and ...

ANDl success of the so-called ‘Field of Dreams Game’ in the MLB has led to this same experience being repeated next season with a game between Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds.

According to information from ESPN, the game in Iowa would be between these two franchises after Commissioner Rob Manfred would give as a resounding success the first duel between Yankees and White Sox in the stadium of the famous movie.

For the duel he had to arm himself the stadium from scratch to welcome nearly 8,000 fans, giving it a touch of nostalgia with everything set in the time of 1989 when the film was filmed by Kevin Costner.

After all that it generated, the commissioner himself noted that he would like the game to remain as part of the MLB calendar having these two teams as the main candidates for next year.

This game was scheduled for 2020, but due to the pandemic it had to be rescheduled for the current campaign with various security protocols.

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