Charlie Morton is injured after Yuli Gurriel’s ball hit in the leg and is out of the rest of the World Series

Morton seemed to be one of the keys to this match

Atlanta Braves set off their bull-pen alarms. Charlie Morton’s great exit for Game 1 of the World Series ended in the worst possible way, and that is that the pitcher had to interrupt his work on the mound due to a leg injury.

It was in the second inning when he faced Yuli Gurriel that his hit went straight to his ankle. Despite the pain, the pitcher tried to go back for the third inning, but his ankle swelled which prevented him from continuing after facing José Altuve.

After taking the poche out of the Venezuelan, Morton beckoned to his manager showing ankle discomfort, and was immediately removed to be replaced by Minter.

Morton only worked for 2 1/3 innings, no runs a single hit, provided three strikeouts and two bases per ball.

After doing studies, the first reports report that Charlie Morton suffered a right fibula injury, which would put him out for the remainder of the World Series.

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