Carlos Sainz challenges with Fernando Alonso for the Spanish GP: “I prefer to be in front and not have to overtake him”

Carlos Sainz, ahead of Fernando Alonso in the Portuguese GP

Carlos Sainz, ahead of Fernando Alonso in the Portuguese GP
Carlos Sainz, ahead of Fernando Alonso in the Portuguese GP
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Carlos Sainz lived an unusual weekend in the Portuguese GP. On Saturday he had a great classification that earned him to start fifth on Sunday, when he finished in a poor 11th position largely due to the poor strategic management of Ferrari.

Carlos Sainz, during a pit stop

Carlos Sainz already suffers from the strategic blunders of Ferrari: thus he lost the points in the Portuguese GP

“It has been shown that the team has taken a very important step forward, that we have returned to the right path, and now we need a little more time. To reach my one hundred percent potential as a Ferrari driver there is still. In Portimao it was seen that a little integration and knowing how to understand each other still lacks, but it is part of learning. We have three races and there are 20. I do not worry in the least, I am meeting deadlines, making the team and the car. In these three races there has been a constant progression and we must continue like this, “he said, somewhat self-critical, in a digital meeting with one of his sponsors, Galicia Star 0’0.

On the way in Portimao he saw how his good friend Fernando Alonso one of the positions he lost was winning, something that had not happened in years. Sainz, with a theoretically superior car, admits that it stung him a bit.

Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz, in the Portuguese GP

This is how Fernando Alonso went back from the 13th to the 8th, an overtaking festival at the Portuguese GP

“I prefer to be in front and not have to overtake him. Everyone saw what he was suffering and how little resistance I was able to do. I’m happy for Fernando. He made a rush and he deserves it. The key to that race is that we should not have gone backwards, “said Sainz.

In this sense, Sainz came out in defense of Alonso after the criticism he has received these days. “I am amazed at how quickly people draw conclusions, that they try to make evaluations. They don’t realize how competitive F1 is and what it can cost to adapt quickly with pilots with so much experience when you arrive again after two years without competing, “he said, and warned that Alonso is a pilot to whom this” passes quickly. ”

Fernando Alonso, fastening his helmet

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“On Sunday he was able to do a run. There are no magic tricks. If you do a good job, criticism is suddenly admiration. One day everyone criticizes you and the next you are good again. That is why every time I read less and I do not believe those evaluations, “he also launched on the opinions that are poured.

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