Carlos Correa rejects an offer from Detroit

The Puerto Rican seeks to be the highest paid in his position

Carlos Correa is one of the best shortstop in MLB and he has become an object of desire for teams after his relationship with the Houston Astros ended. The Puerto Rican managed to raise his level last season where he won the award for best defender in the American League.

For this same reason, many franchises seek to become Correa but this is to be desired, because according to Buster olney from ESPN, the Puerto Rican turned down a ten-year offer from the Detroit Tigers in exchange for $ 275 million.

According to Olney, the player seeks to be the highest paid in his position and surpass Francisco Lindor of the New York Mets who signed a ten-year contract for $ 341 million.

Correa’s numbers speak for themselves, Since his arrival in the MLB in 2015, he has registered 781 hits, 489 RBIs and 133 home runs., which makes him worthy of looking for a juicy contract.

Remember that Major League Baseball is currently on a lockout after no agreement will be reached on the new contracts between the players’ union and the franchise owners.

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