Buccaneers tickets against Patriots up to $ 9,000

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After announcing the schedule for the 2021 NFL season, one of the most attractive games will be in the Week 4 with the return of Tom brady in the duel before New england patriots and in which the tickets have risen to unthinkable figures.

Tampa Bay Buccanners opens the season against Dallas cowboys and compared to this meeting, the duel is between 400 and 3,000 dollars, while the return to his former home is priced at $ 9,000, according to the Ticket Network site.

Tickets that are already on sale for the Gillette Stadium They start at $ 1,400, about 300 percent more expensive than they will be in the Kickoff next September 9.

The site Vivid Seats reported on the prices of seats at the Patriots stadium in which the highest part has a cost of 1,400 dollars up to 2,300 on the third floor. On the second floor they are priced from 2,300 to 6,900 dollars and in the lower part they range from 2,700 to 9,500 almost at the field level.

The quarterback and winner of the last Super Bowl LV with the Buccanneers was happy that he will return to what was his home for almost 20 years:

“It’s like when your friends from high school meet your friends from college,” he noted on his Twitter account.

Brady Bucs open 2021 NFL kickoff against Dallas Cowboys

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