Antonio Martín: “The Super Cup will set the tone for the return of the public”

The president of the ACB, Antonio
Martin, and the president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Peter
Martin, have presented this Monday the Super Cup
Endesa 2021, which will be held on the island from September 11 to 12, and which promises to offer a show of “the highest level”.

The four best teams in the ACB (Barcelona, Real
Madrid, Lenovo Tenerife and Valencia
Basket) will meet for the second consecutive year in the pavilion Santiago
Martin, where the first official title of the season will be at stake.

Barça Y Madrid will be the seeds in the draw for the semifinals, to be held in mid-August, has advanced Antonio
Martin, at a press conference.

The president of the ACB has been “very excited” with the celebration of this Super Cup, which will not only offer “an incredible show”, but will also set “a guideline” on “how this normalization process develops with the return of the public”.

In this sense, Antonio
Martin He acknowledged that although last year there were also “great teams”, the fans were lacking, who are the ones who in the end “give warmth, spirit and skin to all this.”

The president of the Council from Tenerife, Peter
Martin, has also influenced that it is a championship of “first” level, in which the Lenovo
Tenerife it will participate “in its own right”, and that it will once again place the island in the “front line” in terms of sporting events.

“If something is going to bring us this Super Cup it is emotions “, but also” the opportunity to think that we can turn the page, that despite the numbers, we are in line to definitively overcome this pandemic, “he asserted.

Asked about the capacity, the president of the ACB has explained that the three possible scenarios are contemplated (level 1, 2 and 3), and that depending on the phase in which the island is located, the most appropriate percentage will be advised, although “the last word is the Ministry of Health”, He remarked.

For Antonio Martín, although it is time to be “cautious”, there is also room for optimism, since the vaccination rate “is being very high”, he recalled.

Along the same lines, the island president has acknowledged that he is “concerned” about the contagion data, even more so because “we have the perception that the fear of contracting the disease has been greatly lost.”

In any case, Peter
Martin has reiterated that the rate of vaccination “is going very well” and that they are working “a lot” to ensure that in September 70 percent of the immunized population has been “exceeded”.

“Without a doubt, I am confident that there will be the possibility of opening the court and that there will be an audience,” he added.

The vice president of Council, Enrique
Arriaga, has reported that, after the city of Burgos rule out organizing the Super Cup, the ACB he “automatically” contacted the corporation to organize the tournament.

“Last year we had prepared everything with great enthusiasm but the pandemic truncated the possibility of fans enjoying basketball, which was the real goal,” he said. Arriaga.

The vice president also pointed out the importance of taking advantage of the visibility of this event to sponsor the island as a destination. “We believe that it is also an important moment to sponsor the destination,” he asserted.

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