Ouviña: “I am not asking for a medal but to enjoy it to the fullest”

The basis of the Spanish team Cristina
Ouviña comes to Tokyo with a desire for sporting success but, above all, to live the Olympic experience intensely. “I am not going to ask for a medal but to enjoy it in general, not only with successes but also to play the games with that joy that we Spaniards have and enjoy it to the fullest,” said the Aragonese player in statements released by the FEB.

“As I do not expect anything, anything will excite me and excite me a lot,” he explained. Ouviña. “I go with a lot of desire and taking pictures with anything because you only live once. I’ve been dreaming about it for several years and I’ve been aiming for this for a long time. I really want to”.

Although he says he has no one idolized, set to choose a famous athlete, Ouviña would opt for Luka
Doncic. “He would be one of the few that I would stop to take a picture with him,” he said.

The women’s team was the first expedition of the Spanish Federation that settled in the town
Olympic. His debut is scheduled for next Monday 26 before Korea from the south.

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