Anteto’s alley-oop had LeBron as a luxury spectator

The alley-oop that Jrue
Holiday put him to Giannis
Antetokounmpo sentenced the game and, perhaps, the NBA Finals this year. The snapshot of the Greek pounding the rim is NBA history. And who is in the front row as a luxury spectator? Lebron James.

The Lakers star, with 10 seasons of Finals experience, went to Phoenix not to miss Game 5 of the qualifying rounds for the title. LeBron, who is well known as one of the great friends of Chris
Paul, he wanted to show his support for the Suns point guard.

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LeBron enjoyed the meeting in the front row and was one of the best placed people in the entire pavilion to enjoy Antetokounmpo’s spectacular mate a few seconds from the final whistle.

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