Alonso brings out the genius against Raikkonen, who hindered him in his only hour of work in the free practice in Austria

Fernando Alonso, at the Red Bull Ring

Fernando Alonso, at the Red Bull Ring
Fernando Alonso, at the Red Bull Ring
XPB / James Moy Photography Ltd.

Max verstappen Y Lewis hamilton the two free practice sessions of the Austrian GP, in which Fernando Alonso He only rolled in the second because in the first he left his car to the Chinese Guanyu Zhou.

Fernando Alonso, Renault R25

Fernando Alonso: “It’s true, I could have five or six World Cups right now”

The afternoon session had a guest more desired by those behind than those in front: rain. A few drops made their appearance on the track where it was already filmed last weekend, which is quite a novelty. Although it is not clear that it will rain hard enough to make a difference, both Alonso like other pilots who aspire to do better than last Sunday they prefer it.

The appearance of water, albeit timidly, has made those free seconds become key. In fact, not all pushed to the limit to rehearse in conditions.

Fernando Alonso walks with his team before a race.

The last and curious superstition of Fernando Alonso before each race

For example, Ferrari. Carlos Sainz Y Charles Leclerc, who had been in the ‘top 3’ in the morning, they dedicated the second batch to testing different downforce configurations. The track conditions and the very idiosyncrasy of the SF21 made the tests with little load give better results, something that would be a differentiating factor with respect to the rest.

However, everyone will have to watch what they do. Lewis Hamilton himself tested the loopholes of the Austrian track, after leaving the clean area and ending up on the gravel.

Beyond incidents of this type, a circumstance that was already seen last weekend was repeated. Since it is a very short circuit, it is normal for all the drivers to get in the way of each other. On one of the two occasions there were two world champions involved: Fernando Alonso was blocked Kimi raikkonen, former teammates and rivals. “I can’t believe it. Don’t they have mirrors?” The Asturian complained on the radio.

The incident came to nothing, although it did prevent Alonso from improving his best time of this session. In the end, the Asturian finished 8th and the Finn, 14th, just behind Sainz.

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