88-61: Spain opens with good feelings

The first friendly of the Spanish team in their preparation for the Games showed the ambition of the group of young players to win any of the places they may have free Scariolo in order to Tokyo. The level exhibited by several of them served to definitively defeat Iran (88-61) in a placid debut in the Fonteta that ended with good feelings and a good show for the 3,000 fans who attended the crash.

Alberto Abalde, with 13 points and 3 of 4 triples, he led the offensive of the Spanish team in a match with opportunities for all. Dario seconded him Brizuela with 9 goals in just 9 minutes and Usman Garuba, also with 9 points and as many rebounds. It was an afternoon of vindication for the young people in a match with two very different parts: one marked by consecrated fixed numbers and the other by aspirants.

The lack of success in the shot marked the erratic start of the National Team, only with targets of Juancho Y Rudy on shots of three after 12 attempts, even with the insides trying their luck. The team improved somewhat with the rotations, especially with the entry of Sergio Rodriguez and Pau Gasoline to close the first quarter with an advantage on the scoreboard (19-13).

In the second, the differences widened a little but not significantly. The mistake in the triple was still present and the entry of Usman Garuba He gave the team some energy in both rings, although the young rookie missed two advantageous dunks that could have ignited the spark of the breakaway. Instead, Iran improved on their offensive production by playing patiently and taking advantage of the chances in the three-shot or two-on-two.

Garuba finished as the top Spanish rebounder

Garuba finished as the top Spanish rebounder

The Persians, with Haddadi finally recovered for their cause, they took command (30-31) but Spain went to rest with a minimal advantage (37-36) after two free throws scored by Claver.

In the resumption Darío Brizuela he broke the dynamic of doubts in attack and with seven points in a row he gave a key boost to the team. The advantages have already risen above ten against a rival who at times was placed in zonal defense without finishing finding revulsive. Alberto Abalde He was responsible for disrupting rival reactions with his success in the triple, although it was also necessary to highlight a notable improvement in the Spanish defensive intensity and the effectiveness of the pressure on the kickoff.

The poor production of the Iranians took a toll on their options in the match, reaching the end of the third quarter at 65-46.

With everything decided at last, Scariolo He brought in all his players without affecting the level of efficiency of the team. Sergi Martínez joined the group of inspired players with a couple of baskets of merit and the triumph was consolidated with a wide and deserved difference.

Data sheet

88 – Spain (19 + 18 + 28 + 23): Ricky (3), Rudy (6), Claver (4), Juancho Hernangómez (5), Marc Gasol (1) -the starting five-. Pau Gasol (7), Willy Hernangómez (7), Abrines (5), Llull (9), Garuba (9) Sergio Rodríguez (2), Abalde (13), Brizuela (9), Oriola (2), López-Aróstegui (3), Alocén, Sáiz (3) and Sergi Martínez.

61 – Iran (13 + 23 + 10 + 15) Yakchali (12), Jamshidi (10), Bahrami (7), Naeini (6), Geramipoor (11) -the starting five-, Vahedi (2), Jalalpour (2) , Hassazadeh, Davarpanah (3), Haddadi (4), Rezaeifar (4) and Rostampour.

Referees: Fernando Calatrava, Xavier Torres and Alberto Sánchez. Without eliminated.

Incidents: friendly match in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, played in the Pavilion of the Fountain of San Luis in Valencia before 2,995 spectators.

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