85-67: Valencia passes over Madrid and forces the third

The Valencia
Basket this Tuesday rediscovered the intensity that in these playoffs has only had in the Fonteta e, driven by a much more energetic defense, he handcuffed first and then trampled a Real
Madrid (85-67) that in this second game he did notice, and in what way the casualties, and added Carlos Alocen to the list of players with problems for the final game on Thursday in the WiZinc

A triple from Bojan Dubljevic opened the clash and also the defense of the visitors by taking Edy out of his comfort zone Tavares. That empty space allowed the locals to ‘stab’ the defense of their rival with penetrations from Klemen Prepelic. Only the points of the always effective Jayce Carroll kept Madrid (18-13, m.8).

Rudy’s entrance Fernandez and Fabien Causeur gave new references to those of Pablo Laso but the presence of Martin Hermannsson stirred up the locals. With that higher rhythm, both teams lost rigor and Valencia took the opportunity to take their advantage beyond ten points (29-18, m.14).

Seeing that he scored with some ease, Valencia relaxed his defense (his pressure on the base mainly), which gave the option to Madrid to pull more comfortable. But, unexpectedly, only Usman Garuba was accurate from the line of three, which made the visitor improvement have no effect on the scoreboard because a triple from Hermannsson closed the first half with the maximum local advantage (44-29, m.20).

Guillem repeated do you live his intense departure from the first half and with his defense over Carroll, minimized the impact that the US escort had again, sought in each attack by his team and who assumed the leadership of his team with determination.

Muscle problems Alocen they ended the faith of Madrid and the teenager Juan Nunez suffered despite his impudence to lead a team that has lost as directors to Facu Campazzo, Nico Laprovittola, Sergio Llull, Alberto Abalde, who could come back on Thursday ..

With a couple of shares from Louis Labeyrie, Valencia forgot about an incipient confrontation with the referees and faced again with a good defense a placid end of the game in which Laso, after trying to play without a base, had to again lay hold of Alocen to avoid an even more scandalous defeat but which meant their first lost match outside in the ACB this campaign.

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Summary of Valencia Basket - Real Madrid (85-67)

Data sheet

85 – Valencia Basket (24 + 20 + 20 + 21): Van Rossom (2), Vives (5), San Emeterio (4), Williams (6), Dubljevic (9) -five starters- Prepelic (11), Labeyrie (18), Tobey (13), Kalinic (6), Hermannsson (9) and Sastre (2).

67 – Real Madrid (18 + 11 + 19 + 19): Alocén (8), Carroll (13), Taylor (7), Garuba (8), Tavares (6) -five starters- Causeur (3), Núñez (- ), Rudy Fernández (3), Tyus (8), Vukcevic (5) and Poirier (6).

Referees: Peruga, Perea and Sánchez Sixto. They eliminated the local Klemen Prepelic (m.39) for fouls.

Incidents: second match of the Endesa League semifinal played at the Fuente de San Luis pavilion with a capacity reduced to a thousand spectators that was almost completed.

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