78-51: Spain reaches the quarterfinals

The women’s team did not allow themselves the slightest doubt and solved the crossing of eighth of the Eurobasket with an unmitigated victory over Montenegro (78-51). She did it with another convincing and spectacular play recital that puts her in a magnificent position to attack more demanding crosses: to start, tomorrow Wednesday against Serbia In rooms.

Count, with 19 points, she completed her best match of the championship leading the offense of a balanced Spanish game, with almost all the players scoring. Astou Ndour he seconded it with 17 and the group did an impeccable job in defense, which resulted in 20 losses from the rival. If we add the 25 assists to that, we have the perfect ingredients for the audience of the Fonteta from Valencia enjoy the game of the Spanish.

Once again, the staging of the Spanish team was better than that of the rival. Despite the initial triples of Jovanovic Y Dubljevic, the defense in general worked and led to many recoveries, disrupting rival systems. Ndour He laid the foundations of the scoring in the first minutes with a 13-8 that was extended to 26-18 after Conde’s good entry off the bench.

Laia Palau.

Laia Palau.

The Madrilenian was the protagonist at the start of the second period, with a second triple and a couple of counterattacks completed that further raised the tone of the team to establish rents above ten (37-23).

Montenegro began to have problems with his inner players due to the three fouls of Jovanovic and the problems he had Dubljevic, absolutely surpassed by the impeccable defense of Laura Gil. Ouviña Y Cazorla they contributed annotation with actions of merit in defense and attack until reaching 45-27 at halftime.

Montenegro showed self-love in the third quarter, with Dubljevic influencing the inner game and creating problems but Gil knew how to respond with defensive improvement and also affecting attack. The role of the Murcian center is proving essential so far to give strength to the team in both rings.

The triples did not enter like the other days (Spain is the outstanding leader in this concept of the championship with more than 40% accuracy) but this time they made up for it with recoveries that resulted in counterattacks and baskets. Maite Cazorla and Queralt Houses They knew how to take advantage of it in this third quarter, settled with a growing difference (66-41).

The rents, and the fact that Ndour committed his personal fourth at the end of the third quarter, they allowed Mondelo to dose somewhat the forces of their players so as not to accuse wear in the match against Serbia. Efficiency in attack fell as indicated by the 12-10 quarter in the fourth quarter, but not defensive attitude, the true basis of the team’s success so far.

With this, she stands in rooms armed with morale and showing the game that endorses her as a current champion and aspiring medal.

Data sheet

78 – Spain (26 + 19 + 21 + 12): Ouviña (8), Palau (2), Quevedo (2), Gil (5) and Ndour (17) -starting team-, Carrera (4), Casas (4 ), Cazorla (11), Rodríguez (2), Domínguez, Ginzo (4) and Conde (19).

51 – Montenegro (18 + 9 + 14 + 10): Dubljevic (10), Gatling (10), Jovanovic (10), Mujovic (8) and Pasic (9) -starting team-, Aleksic (2), Jaksic, Kovacevic , Lazarevi, Lekovic, Rakovic and Zivkovic (2),

Referees: Amy Bonner (USA), Wojciech Liszka (POL) and Thomas Bissuel (FRA). Without eliminated.

Incidents: Qualifying match for the women’s Eurobasket quarterfinals played at the Fuente de San Luis pavilion in Valencia in front of 3,000 spectators. The FIBA ​​Secretary General, Greek Andreas Zagklis, attended the match.

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