60-91: Lenovo does not relax

The Lenovo Tenerife, with his triumph at home over the Casademont
Saragossa (60-91), showed that he does not relax even if he has third place in his pocket and that he wants to maintain his good dynamics until the beginning of the qualifying rounds for the title.

The island group, with its resounding victory in the pavilion Prince philip from the Aragonese capital, cut the good streak that the Aragonese team had accumulated with four victories in the last five games.

The insulars, who started hesitantly, grew throughout the match and surpassed a rival who became smaller in the face of the excellent defense of their opponent.

In fact, homeowners stayed at 60 points, the lowest scoring of the entire season, when their average was 87.

The Aragonese team started the match holding their rival well in attack, who had many problems to score and when he did it was with a low percentage of success.

This allowed the Casademont, who was also able to dominate his defensive rebound, run and score with some ease until taking his lead to 8 points of maximum income (22-14) in the last minute of the first set, which reached ten (27-17 ) at the beginning of the second.

However, the defensive improvement of the Canarian team was taking shape and it became increasingly difficult for the “rojillo” team to move the ball in positional attack and score.

The intensity of the Tenerife It caused errors and turnovers in the hand team (up to six in this quarter), which insisted on solving the problem individually instead of collectively, while increasing the success of the Tenerife team’s shots.

This, coupled with the fact that everyone in the island team contributed in attack, caused the score to gradually vary until it turned around and taking the revenue to 8 points (32-40) in the 18th minute.

The eleven points scored by the Casademont Zaragoza in the third set made it very clear that the dynamics of the game had changed and that trend continued until the end because the locals were in a rush and desperation to want to fix the situation, which facilitated the take-off of a Lenovo
Tenerife that he did not relax and ended up winning by 31 points.

[+] See the summary with the best plays of the game:

Summary of Casademont Zaragoza - Lenovo Tenerife (60-91)

Data sheet

60 – Casademont Zaragoza (24 + 13 + 11 + 12): San Miguel (-), Ennis (5), Brussino (7), Harris (13), Wiley (7) -starting five- Sulaimon (11), Hlinason ( 4), Javi García (2), Justiz (2), Barreiro (2) and Benzing (7).

91 – Lenovo Tenerife (17 + 24 + 20 + 30): Marcelinho (16), Salin (11), Sulejmanovic (6), Doornekamp (3), Shermadini (20) -starting five- Yusta (6), Jenkins (3 ), Alex López (3), Guerra (4), Fitipaldo (6), Sergio Rodríguez (5) and Cavanaugh (8).

Referees: Aliaga, Manuel and Yasmina Alcaraz. Without eliminated.

Incidents: match of the penultimate day played at the Príncipe Felipe de Zaragoza pavilion behind closed doors.

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