119: 123: The Bucks caress the ring after coming back and resisting in Phoenix

The Milwaukee Bucks are one win away to achieve an NBA ring that has resisted them for more than half a century. After come back 16 points behind in the first quarter and resist the local bid in the last, the Wisconsin team managed to storm the fiefdom of the Phoenix Suns with a magnificent and suffered 119-123 win to place 2-3 in title tie .

With his ‘big-three’ by flag, Mike Budenholzer’s team starred a
champion match and threw heart, talent and guts to overcome an extreme situation in the first bars of the crash, which ended up being resolved by small details after a 12-3 local partial who left the party at 119-120 in the absence of 50 seconds to be disputed.

Jrue Holiday, With a ginormous alley-oop to Giannis Antetokounmpo A few seconds from the conclusion, he was decisive in his best game in the NBA Finals and the playoffs. The base, which ended with 27 points and 13 assists (12-20 TC), was the main protagonist of the assault in Arizona, which sealed Khris middleton with a hit from the personnel line 9.8 seconds from the final honk.

In a somewhat insane sequence, a bad attack and loss by Holiday granted possession to win the Suns, who watched as the rival point guard himself corrected his error on the other side with a steal of the ball on Devin Booker, again impressive but lonely with 40 points for locals (17-33 TC). The impressive triples that he and Chris paul, resurfaced in the last period and author of 21 points and 11 assists (9-16 TC), were not enough to defend the home court factor, for the first time broken in the series for the title.

Middleton once again served as the Bucks’ top enforcer in the deciding minutes, ending with 29 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists (12-23 TC). Antetokounmpo, for his part, knew how to measure his efforts at all times, making the right move when his team sought him out and required him. The Greek, less ball kneader last night, finished with 32 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists (14-23 TC) that keep him as the main candidate for the Finals MVP.


The Milwaukee game delivered a dose of championship team. Greater playoff experience was a factor after Overcome an opposite initial partial of 37-21 with an impressive 24-43 in the second. At halftime, the Bucks had erased a 16-point deficit and even dominated by 61-64, an advantage that they increased in the third period until the 90-100 (+10).

Phoenix sinned from Bookerdependence because of the bad game of his other references. Deandre ayton, correct in attack, author of 20 points and 10 rebounds, was again in evidence in defense, where he could not stop any of the rival’s proposals. Chris Paul, reborn in the final quarter with a sequence of 8 consecutive points, he was missing and desperate against the great defense of Holiday the rest of the game.

Monty Williams’ other pupils They played flashbacks, forgetting the perfectly oiled machine they had proven to be all season long. Perhaps pressured by the importance of the fifth game, and above all somewhat dislodged by the furious comeback of the Bucks, erasing all lost ground by half a quarter, the Suns were a caricature of themselves.

The triples of Mikal bridges in the last quarter (13 points), also part of the comeback attempt, they also discovered the odd tactical hole due to the wasting of all their talent. Jae crowderA team thermometer when things are going good or bad, he scored his 10 total points in the first quarter and then went completely unnoticed.

Quite the opposite happened to the visitors, who went from less to more and also knew how to overcome the decisive moment with the locals tightening the nuts in a final of heart attack. Bobby Portis and Brook López, With 9 points each, they shared minutes with Anteto and Tucker in a strange and unprecedented Budenholzer lineup that paid off in the blink of an eye.

Then the usual scheme returned and Pat connaughton returned to contribute efficiency and effort from the bench, with 14 points and a 4 of 6 in triples who led the Bucks’ magnificent night of hitting from the perimeter. Milwaukee scored 14 3-pointers of 28 attemptswhile Phoenix was even more efficient with 13 hits out of 19 attempts. Both teams took 87 shots from the field, but visitors scored 50 of them (57.5%), two more than locals.

The statistical sheet, once again, featured a match and a tremendous, even and exciting tie. Emotionally and by sensations, yes, it was noted that the Bucks played the entire game with a dot more than the Suns.

In a definitive setting and given the magnitude of the prize, that little extra is the one that allows Milwaukee to travel to the sixth home game with a chance to lift the first ring of the Antetokounmpo era.

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