This is how NBA stars reacted to Holiday’s key play

As soon as Jrue
Holiday he stole the ball from Devin Booker and ran away, the Finals taking a no-turning path. And when Jrue hung the alley-oop on Antetokounmpo, hethe networks exploded. This is how NBA players reacted to the key play of the game.

Defense wins championships… Wow Jrue! ” was Dejounte Murray’s reaction, at the time.

Matt Barnes, an NBA veteran wrote: “¡Holiday is a threat to society on both sides of the track tonight!”

All players know what Jrue brings every night. I’m glad to see that he’s showing the world what he’s capable of on the biggest stage out there. Incredible performance! ”He wrote Quinn
Cook after the play.

CJ McCollum was more concise but understood immediately the importance of the play: “Wow, that can mean a title”.

Many other players took advantage of their platforms to congratulate the Bucks and show their admiration for Holiday’s performance on a fantastic night.

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