Zverev: “The vast majority of players don’t like tennis”

Zverev: "The vast majority of players don

Alexander Zverev they do not tend to mince words when it comes to giving their opinion. He also tends to go against the tide, without being carried away by the opinion of the majority of tennis players, something that he was in charge of demonstrating when he was one of the few who was radically positioned against the new Davis Cup format, to the point of renouncing their participation. In the last hours, on the German podcast Sportschau Olympia, ‘Sascha’ I have been in charge of demonstrating this, once again, by criticizing his colleagues on the ATP circuit (although without naming names) for various aspects that he does not share.

“Sight, the vast majority of players do not like tennis, they see it only as a way to earn money and all they think about is prize money. I am one of the few who really loves this sport and what I most want is sporting glory, above the economic, “argued the German, with a few words that could well point to the French Benoit Paire, one of the most irreverent rackets on the circuit. And he added: “In addition, 90% of players always say the same thing at a press conference, they never convey what they really think. I’d rather be criticized for being honest with myself than hide behind hackneyed and hypocritical phrases. “

By last, Zverev did not hide his favoritism for the next Roland Garros thanks to his good performance on clay this season, despite the fact that in Paris he has never made it past the quarter-finals: “I think I have a good chance in Paris this year. The victory in Madrid has given me a lot of confidence and I’m ready to go one step further. Beating Nadal meant a lot to me, and even if I lost later in Rome, I think it would be very interesting to face him at Roland Garros. “

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