Yovani Gallardo honored by the Brewers with plaque on the wall of fame

Gallardo is a benchmark for the Milwaukee Brewers

Lyou Milwaukee Brewers installed a commemorative plaque on the franchise’s wall of honor to celebrate Yovani Gallardo As the leader in number of strikeouts in all of history for the team, right on the same day that was invited to throw the first ball of the game against the Mets on the night of this September 24.

The Michoacan had 1,226 strikeouts from 2007 to 2014 who remained with the MLB team with an 84-54 record and a record of 3.59 percentage of races won, numbers he collected before leaving for the Texas Rangers in 2015.

Along with the Mexican, Francisco Rodríguez and Carlos Gómez received the same distinction on the wall that gathers pure history for the Brewers.

Apparently the launch of Gallardo gave luck to his former team, because the Milwaukee Brewers won until the fifth inning by five runs to one over the New York Mets at American Family Field.

The player who is not known if he is still active or if he is in official retirement was part of the ranks of the Baltimore Orioles in their last team in the MLB, but that at 35 he still wants to make history thanks to his right arm that brought several joys to the Milwaukee Brewers who hired him in 2007 to replace Chris Capuano after an injury suffered by his former partner.

The right-handed pitcher became a free agent in 2017 And for at least two years after that, he didn’t throw a ball with any professional MLB team, but that didn’t stop him from being on the wall of fame in Milwaukee.

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