Yankees lose and Red Sox win; the fight is tightened waiting for the Mariners

The Playoffs begin this October 5 and there are fewer and fewer places left

The Major Leagues stayed on and the playoff games have not started yet due to the result of the Boston Red Sox who won on the same day as their eternal rival, New York Yankees were on the canvas and now they wait for what happens with the Mariners.

There is little to go before the MLB postseason begins. It should be noted that this year, that management decided to revert to the previous format with five qualified teams from the American League side and five others from the National League, three of them direct added to a Round of Wildcards.

Within the keys available before this day, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, as well as Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Rays fought to be part of the great party inside the diamond.

Yankees needed to win to continue with better chances, but lost to Toronto by six runs to five in a clear tight match for both squads. Those of the Big Apple left a clear advantage in favor of the rival during the first four innings, because in the first three Toronto placed four runs. Those of New York wanted to put their hands in the second half of the episodes, but it did not reach them and now they are on the tightrope.

Boston, for its part, gave a great night against the Orioles who had beaten them the day before. Only now Red Sox dominated all night with six runs stuck. But things are still not easy, since in the AL East the Rays finished above all teams, including the Red Sox and the New York Bombers.

Seattle Mariners play tonight with Oakland Athletics and the result will depend who is shaping up for the playoffs. The Red Sox are 89-69, the Yankees 90-68 and the Mariners 88-70 in a tight fight for all three institutions.

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