Yankees fall for the 10th time and have their worst start since 1997

The Yankees are last of the American.

TOBefore the 2021 Major League Baseball season kicked off, the New York Yankees looked, along with the Los Angeles Dodgers, as one of the top favorites to win the title in the World Series.

However, Today, after the first 15 games of the season, those forecasts are far from reality and it is that this Sunday they fell again before the Tampa Bay Rays.

With this defeat, the team led by Aaron Boone He has a 10-loss mark and only five wins, to mark the franchise’s worst start since 1997.

The names are there but Judge, Stanton and company have not been accurate and in this last week they spun five defeats to stagnate in the Last place in the East of the AL.

But they are not only last in the East, but en the entire American League, something that hadn’t happened since 1968, Which speaks to the moment the Bronx go through.

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