Valencia, the first ACB and LF club to have 3×3 teams

The Valencia
Basket From now on it will have 3×3 senior men’s and women’s teams, a discipline that will debut as an Olympic in the Games from Tokyo this summer, and it will be the first club ACB Y League
Female with presence in the professional circuit of this discipline. Thus, he joins Bàsquet Girona, which was the first elite club that opted for this modality, already in 2019.

The new men’s team of the Valencian club played until now as ‘Murcia 3×3’ and it includes Juanma Oak trees, Javi Valderrey, both from Murcia, co-founders of the team and with past in the League

Also, there are the Brazilian Leandro lime, Dani from the Rúa, born in Guadalajara and that this campaign has played in the Canoe from the LEB oro, Sergio from Elche Almansa, who has played in this same second competition with Almansa and Majorcan Toni Vicens, who has played this campaign in the Argentinian from Junín, of the first category of this country.

The composition of the women’s team, according to the club, will be revealed soon but the entity has already advanced the intention that little by little players from its quarry will nurture both teams.

The men’s team will officially debut June 18-20 at the Messinia Open (Greece), while the feminine will do it a week later in the Circuit 3×3 FCBQ of Sant Feliu, in which his colleagues will also participate.

As indicated by the club, the idea is to consolidate its project of “global basketball” and also that opening up to this discipline increases the level of training of basketball teams. L’Alqueria del Basket.

It will also allow the club, which will be sponsored by MIDEA
Frigocoll and technical help from Luanvi, to offer players in their lower categories an outlet for the future.

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