‘Tyson’ Pérez suffers a new injury and will be out for ten months

‘Tyson’ Perez, the Dominican power forward, with a Spanish passport, from MoraBanc
Andorra He was injured again and will be out for the next ten months after suffering the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee that will make him undergo surgery soon. The recovery period is estimated between 9 and 10 months.

The Spanish international suffered a fortuitous fall against him UCAM
Murcia in a counterattack where the American base Isaiah was crossed Taylor when ‘Tyson’ Perez He was going straight for the hoop. The player of the MoraBanc, 24 years old, has played 17 ACB League games this season with 20’48 “per game with 8.5 points, 5.8 rebounds and a PIR of 10.7. In the Eurocup he played 14 games with 7.3 points , 5.6 rebounds and a PIR of 10.4.

‘Tyson’ Perez he does not have his best season at the injury level. In December, he already suffered a torn peroneal talar ligament and a partial tear of the deltoid ligament of the ankle and later suffered back problems that also took him away from the slopes for several days.

The low of ‘Tyson’ Perez joins those of Moussa Diagne, Haukur Palsson, Nacho Llovet and Tomasz Gielo. The Polish international could be the next player out of the infirmary, but would only arrive if the MoraBanc qualifies for the playoff for the title. Those of Ibon Navarro play on Thursday against him Joventut Badalona in Catalan territory and on Sunday against him Acunsa GBC with the eighth position up for grabs.

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