Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes share cover at Madden 22

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Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are part of the famous cover of the video game Madden 22 in what is the second time that two players appear in it, without counting the special editions.

Brady and Mahomes also met in the last Super Bowl, in Tampa Bay, in which he won the first to add his seventh ring and as the player with the most Vince Lombardi titles in history.

This is the second time both the Buccaneers and Chiefs quarterbacks have appeared on the cover of Madden; Brady did it in 2018, while Mahomes appeared in the 2020 one.

The last time two players from the NFL featured on the cover were Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald after Super Bowl XLIII that faced the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals.

Madden covers:

John Madden – 1988 to 2000
Eddie George – Madden 2001
Daunte CUlpepper – Madden 2002
Marshall Faulk – Madden 2003
Michael Vick – Madden 2004
Ray Lewis – Madden 2005
Donovan McNabb – Maddel 06
Shaun Alexander – Madden 0
7Vince Young – Madden 08
Brett Favre – Madden 09
Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald – Madden 10
Drew Brees – Madden 11
Peyton Hillis – Madden 12
Calvin Johnson – Madden 13
Barry Sanders – Madden 25 Years
Richard Sherman – Madden 15
Odell Beckham Jr. – Madden 16
Rob Gronkowski – Madden 17
Tom Brady – Madden 18
Antonio Brown – Madden 19 (Terrell Owens the HOF Edition)
Patrick Mahomes – Madden 20
Lamar Jackson – Madden 21
Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes – Madden 22

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