Tickets to Game 1 of the World Series go up to $ 50,000

Houston Astros vs Atlanta Braves, everything ready for the grand finale.

Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves will contest the major league championship when both teams step on the diamond on Tuesday night, October 26 at Minute Maid Park, a stadium that no longer has seats available, reason why tickets reach up to $ 50 thousand dollars in resale.

The Astros were able to overcome the Red Sox Boston, while the Braves did the same with the Dodgers, the champion team last season and now the attention will be on the culmination of the Fall Classic that brings together the best institutions of the season.

For those who generally want to buy a ticket, they need to enter the official Astros site, but this time the main page shows whate seats are sold in their entirety. Also if the interested party wants to go directly to the stadium ticket offices are not even sold there anymore.

In the United States there are secondary sellers such as SimpleSeats, StubHub and VividSeats. For example, with the first company Tickets for the first game of the World Series start at prices of $ 650, with a maximum of $ 889 dollars.

While in VividSeats Game 3 has ticket costs starting at $ 575 dollars in a standing area with a $ 50,000 maximum at Diamond Club D, Row 3.

To buy through StudHub, too you have to pay from $ 575 to another $ 50 thousand dollars in the most exclusive area of ​​the Minute Maid Park.

Notably The Mayor’s Office of Special Events published a series of recommendations for motorists because several points around the stadium will be disabled, to such an extent that there are a number of indications to avoid driving in the forbidden places during the games between Astros vs Braves.

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