This was Durant’s impossible shot to force extra time

Sometimes basketball gives us incredible moments. Last night, in full Game 7 And in the middle of a fast-paced game, it seemed like the Bucks had it done. They defended with a two-point advantage and just a few seconds on the scoreboard. But Kevin Durant said no, you had to play one extension.

The Nets forward got a little more in front of the logo and PJ Tucker mated with him. KD was clear about it, it didn’t matter from where but had to write down. He bounced a couple of times, turned around and He made an impossible shot that gave life to his own.

And see if this sport is cruel, that later we would see that Durant He stayed a few millimeters from the triple line, that if his foot had been a couple of sizes less that shot could have meant victory. Unfortunately, it was not. The Nets lost and Milwaukee will play the Eastern Finals.

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