This is how the public will return to the ACB: 1,500 per game and only areas with low incidence

The return of the public to the matches of the Endesa League It will be possible from this week with measures such as a 25% capacity with a maximum of 1,500 people, the sectoring of the fields, the temperature measurement at the entrance, the use of a FFP2 mask without a valve by the attendees and the prohibition of consuming food, drinking and smoking.

After confirmation this Monday by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes, for viewers to return this week, the CSD made public the protocol for this with a series of guidelines, which include that the Security Forces and Bodies They must control the surroundings of the pavilion to avoid crowds before and after the match.

Entry will only be allowed in those localities whose autonomous community is at maximum alert level 1, as established in the document “Coordinated response actions to control the transmission of COVID-19”, which has been taken into account account for its elaboration.

At this time, only fans could access the pavilions of the Monbus Obradoiro, Valencia Basket and UCAM Murcia, for being in communities in this situation, as well as that of the MoraBanc Andorra, because it is another country. For this reason, the first match with spectators could be this Wednesday the one that faces the Monbus Obradoiro and to UCAM Murcia in Santiago de Compostela.

The maximum capacity allowed will be 25% of the capacity of the pavilion and, in any case, regardless of said capacity, the maximum attendance will be 1,500 people.

Pre-assigned places without mobility must also be established inside the venue, with a separation of 1.5 meters in all directions between attendees or groups of attendees (in the case of cohabitants).

Likewise, independent sectors will be established, with their own accesses and time slots will be set for staggered access to the different zones and sectors, under the strict control of the event staff. The entry and exit points must be clearly marked.

Access to toilet areas will also be clearly marked, ensuring that the distancing, hygiene and prevention measures are complied with, and always avoiding crowds.

The consumption of food and beverages (except water that will be provided in different parts of the venue) will not be allowed during the event. Nor can you smoke, or consume other tobacco products, or any other device for inhalation of tobacco, water pipes, hookahs or similar.

The use of a mask will be required FFP2 without a valve for attendees, preferably provided at the entrance of the venue, and the monitoring of compliance with this measure will be reinforced.

The document adds that at the time of entry to the venue the temperature will be taken and reminds that people with compatible symptoms and those who are in quarantine should not attend the event.

Also that the Security Forces and Bodies They will control the surroundings of the stadium to avoid crowds before and after the game.

The CSD He recalled that to establish these guidelines, two documents have been taken into account: the “Coordinated response actions to control the transmission of COVID-19”, updated in March 2021, which establishes the framework of action for a response proportional to different levels of alert established, and that of “Recommendations for mass events and activities in the context of the new normality due to Covid-19 in Spain”.

Prepared in June 2020, the latter makes it possible to assess the transmission risks associated with mass events or activities, allowing for more measures to be taken to reduce them.

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