This is how Barça made their 40 points in a stratospheric room

Barça fans will long remember the third quarter of his team before him Lenovo
Tenerife in the first match of the semifinals of the playoff
Endesa. The Barça he overwhelmed his rival with a record success and put the game on track with solvency and spectacle.

In general terms, the success was choral. The partial 40-18 that Barcelona attacked the Tenerifeans was signed by almost the entire squad of Saras. 40 points, 10 assists and just one loss, all for a 51 overall valuation.

The room started like a gale. The Barça He already had 30 points in the first 7 minutes and they had not yet missed a single shot to the basket. The remaining 3 minutes made up a movie result.

If you look at the hit in the shot, this was almost a video game. Barcelona scored 7 of his 8 3-pointers, 9 out of 12 on two pitches and the only free throw he tried in the whole room. No player was less than 50% accurate in shots in the entire quarter.

The 12 players of the squad stepped onto the pitch sometime in the room. Bypassing Oriola (55 seconds) and Westermann (3 seconds), all of them were participants in a brutal collective success. Cory Higgins and Adam Hanga were left without scoring, although they did not throw to basket either.

The great protagonist, although not the only one, was Nikola Mirotic. The culé star went up to 9 points, without failure, achieving a PIR of 10 in the fourth in just four and a half minutes; difficult to be more efficient.

It was also sensational Leandro bolmaro. The young Blaugrana pearl already hears the siren songs of the NBA but yesterday he scored another 9 points in this magical room, although he did commit the only loss of the team. We will have to forgive him …

Kyle kuric was another great protagonist. The shooter was the one who played the most minutes in the third round of the game, almost eight and a half. It served him to score 5 points and chain a differential of +23 while on court. Absolutely insane numbers.

Finally, it deserves special mention Nick calathes. The Greek barely got a basket but was the player in charge of distributing the game. He fulfilled the generator base tasks to perfection, distributing 4 of the 10 assists his team achieved in the room and did it all in just 5 minutes.

In the end, the fourth score It was distributed as follows: Mirotic (9), Bolmaro (9), Smits (6), Gasol (5), Kuric (5), Calathes (2), Abrines (2), Davies (2).

Barcelona took the victory clearly against a Tenerife that was seen without response to the offensive gale of his rival. The second game of the series will be played tomorrow in the Canary Islands, where Txus
Vidorreta and his boys hope to be able to surprise the culés.

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