This is how Antonio Lobato narrated the accident between Verstappen and Hamilton at Silverstone: he almost ended up on the saddle

Antonio Lobato narrating the start of the British GP

Antonio Lobato narrating the start of the British GP
Antonio Lobato narrating the start of the British GP

Add emotion to a Formula 1 Grand Prix It is a subject that has more than passed Antonio Lobato. The veteran Asturian journalist has been narrating for more than 15 years, and has enough experience to know how to tell what is happening on the track, even though it is complex to tell.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, at Silverstone

Hamilton vs. Verstappen, a dog-face duel reminiscent of the great legends of Formula 1

The last example is in the tumultuous exit of the British GP, marked by the accident between Max verstappen Y Lewis hamilton. DAZN has shared the video in which it is seen how Lobato is unable to remain seated when he sees that the situation is getting out of hand and that a serious incident is approaching.

Lobato is unable to stay no longer sitting, but still. He grabs onto the edges of the table first, more trying to hold on to himself, while trying to balance on the chair. With his voice to the limit he recounts not only the fight between Hamilton and Verstappen, but also some battles from behind such as those of Charles Leclerc with Valtteri Bottas.

Verstappen gets out of the car after his accident at Silverstone

Verstappen’s shocking radio in the accident and his anger with Hamilton and the British fans

The video of the moment ends with Lobato throwing his hands to his head, warning that the violence of the accident has been very strong and that there may be consequences.

In these types of situations it is difficult to maintain composure and, above all, not to frivolize in the face of a possible problem that may arise as a result of such a crash.

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