The White Sox clinch their first AL Central title since 2008

The White Sox are champions in the AL Central.

TOny La Russa was in the visitors’ dugout, engrossed in the scene as the Chicago White Sox celebrated their first AL Central title since 2008.

The pilot, enshrined in the Hall of Fame, had ended his retirement to enjoy this moment.

“It’s like fantasy island because I never thought I’d get this chance, and here we are, we’re division champions,” La Russa said after Thursday’s 7-2 victory over the Cleveland Indians in Game 1. of a double billboard.

“I am happy that the players won the first match of the day without delay. They did it the first time they had the chance.”

Already relaxed, the White Sox later fell 5-3 in the second game.

Chicago, which reached the postseason with a wild-card berth last season, is going to the playoffs for the first time in a row. The White Sox are in their first season under Tony La Russa, who will turn 77 on October 4.

La Russa had retired from baseball after guiding St. Louis to the World Series title in 2011 and was hired to replace Rick Renteria last October.

“I think we have the right driver,” said Tim Anderson, who hit two home runs. “I am satisfied with how he has handled everything and has been part of the family. It is a blessing to have come out and won the title today.”

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