The strengths and weaknesses of Efes

In view of what was the end of the season the Anadolu
Efes could well be considered the main favorite to the title in clear dispute with the Barça. According to advanced statistics, and with the perspective of the whole season, the Turks would be between the second and third best team than the competition.


They ended up being the most effective team in attack, with 104.6 points scored per one hundred possessions and the third best in defense with only 95, behind Barça Y Baskonia. With that they finished with the second best differential after those of Jasikevicius. They also finished, in absolute numbers, as the second team with the highest difference between points scored and conceded.

Micic Y Larkin monopolize possessions and generate many advantages, group of players with secondary but important roles such as Simon or Beaubois, perimeter scorers, or Moerman Y Singleton interiors with high rank.


Able to develop a modern basketball with a preponderance of exterior talent and with versatile, mobile interiors and with a good shooting range, the virtues that led him to become a scoring machine were varied. The Efes It is a well-oiled machine with the ball in hand, with expert players, with great talent and who know each other very well because they have been together for several years. It is not a team that gives special preponderance to the triple as others (scores 38.2%) but it is balanced in that aspect as well as in shots of two, free and in trips to the line of 4.60.


Much of that offensive efficiency is based, above all, on the security you have in offensive combinations. It is the best team in ratio of assists to losses and the one that has suffered the fewest losses due to possession during the season of Euroleague.

Sanli battling Tavares for a rebound.

Sanli battling Tavares for a rebound.


The step forward taken by Sanli as a well-exploited reference interior and the perfect complement to a Dunston which is an institution in the area. That has not served them, however, to stand out on the rebound, a very improvable aspect. The Efes It is the fourth worst in the competition in this facet with 48.8% of total catches in matches.


Capable of the best and the worst, the Turkish team has shown some inconsistency at times. It was like this at the beginning of the season and with the four-game losing streak he had in the middle of it. He also sinned overconfidence in the quarterfinal playoff, something that cost him dearly as he conceded embarrassing partials against him Madrid in the third and fourth games of the series. Dependence on your two leaders, Micic (fourth best scorer of the season) and Larkin, can also work against him in certain moments of pressure.

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