The spectacular onboard camera in Fernando Alonso’s helmet at the Belgian GP: this is how the Spa carousel is lived

Fernando Alonso onboard camera at Spa-Francorchamps

Fernando Alonso onboard camera at Spa-Francorchamps
Fernando Alonso onboard camera at Spa-Francorchamps

The circuit of Spa-Francorchamps It is one of the most spectacular in the world calendar of Formula 1, largely thanks to its layout. In the middle of the Ardennes forest, its continuous ascents and descents leave no room for confusion, as they well verified Max verstappen and Charles Leclerc during the second free practice of the Belgian GP. A bad start, and against the wall.

But from the television it is not noticeable as well as from inside the car. The continuous ups and downs turn the Belgian track into a real merry-go-round, especially on the ascent to the Raidillon from Eau Rouge, possibly one of the most recognizable (and vertiginous) areas in the world of motorsport.

Fernando Alonso announces his renewal with Alpine.

Fernando Alonso renews with Alpine with the very clear objective: to win his third Formula 1 world championship

A rough idea of ​​what the pilots feel has left her Fernando Alonso. The FIA ​​has placed a small camera in the helmet that has left some scenes worth seeing over and over again, where it is very roughly perceived what the runners see. The blind climb to Eau Rouge, the chicane before the finish line, Malmedy or Pouhon Views from Alonso’s helmet will make any motor enthusiast’s hair stand on end.

The scares were not lacking, which are also perceived in another way from Alonso’s eyes. At the end of the second free practice session, in which he finished 4th, the Asturian suffered a ‘whiplash’ from his car as he faced the final stretch of the circuit and almost ended up against the wall.

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