The paddock of the Motorcycle World Championship, broken by the death of Dupasquier: “You wonder if it’s really worth it”

Minute of silence for Jason Dupasquier at the Italian GP

Minute of silence for Jason Dupasquier at the Italian GP
Minute of silence for Jason Dupasquier at the Italian GP

The death of a 19-year-old is always a tragedy, but it is much more so if it is an athlete with a great future in the making. The tragic accident of Jason dupasquier during the Italian GP he mourned a great racing Sunday, when the final result was the least important.

Jason dupasquier

Jason Dupasquier dies after a hard accident at the Italian GP at the age of 19

The minute of silence in which the paddock was engulfed before the race of MotoGP it has only been part of the tribute they have paid to the young Swiss rider, only 19 years old. Fabio Quartararo, for example, he unfurled the Swiss flag and pointed to the sky to dedicate his victory to him.

But more cold, in the interviews afterwards, the tears could not stop flowing. The first affected were the Moto3 riders, the category in which Dupasquier competed. Jaume Masiá, despite an expected podium, he burst into tears when speaking of “one of the few who greeted in the paddock.” A few minutes before he had heard the news.

The same Pedro Acosta, the brilliant leader of the category, who also knew Dupasquier despite the fact that in the case of the Swiss it was his second year.

Veterancy, in this case, does not make the tragedy hurt less. Drivers who have been racing in the World Championship for years, in MotoGPThey couldn’t help being moved by what happened.

One of the most affected was Aleix Espargaró. “We get to 350 km / h, and my brain tries to conceive after a minute of silence where I could not contain the tears, that I have gone to find my brother, how do we go out for a run (cries). It is very difficult. He was a child, everything happened so quickly … “, admitted, remarkably excited, the one from Aprilia.

Champions of the likes of Valentino rossi or Marc Márquez They have also given their vision. The Italian driver, who is expected to announce his retirement soon, admitted that this type of incident makes him rethink many things. “When these things happen, everything loses sense. Yesterday we already knew that the situation was really critical, but knowing the news before running destabilizes you. Makes you wonder if this is really worth it“, he admitted.”

“When things like this happen, which fortunately happen less and less, you realize what you’re at stake when you go out on the track”

Márquez showed himself in the same direction. He even thought of Dupasquier while he was suffering his downfall. “Sportingly it has not been a bad weekend for me, but in terms of motorcycling it has been disastrous. It is part of the risk that we run on the track. We want to forget it many times, but when things like this happen, Fortunately, they happen less and less, you realize what you are at stake when you go out on track. Why there are few people who are capable of doing this. They are hard blows that make you think many things, “he reflected.

The remains of Jason Dupasquier will be repatriated in the next few hours to his native Switzerland.

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