The most sympathetic expulsion in history? Boban leaves while laughing with the referees

The Dallas Mavericks’ beating of the Golden State Warriors left us one of the most curious and sympathetic plays of the NBA early morning… despite it was an expulsion of a player. The referees considered a foul under the rim of the Mavs center Boban marjanovic on Jordan poole What blatant 2, a decision that means direct expulsion from the party.

The big man from Dallas, a great friend of Luka Doncic, had never seen himself in a similar situation and nor did he realize the meaning of the arbitration decision until the referees themselves approached him to explain that he had to leave the track.

Boban, somewhat perplexed, then began to talk with the main referee of the match and he marched with a smile from ear to ear despite being sent off for his harsh but unintentional foul. Doncic, from the bench, did not quite believe it either and joined the jokes from the Dallas bench.

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