The MLBPA does not accept mediators and the 2022 season of the Major Leagues seems impossible

The work stoppage in the MLB does not find a solution.

Lto Major League Baseball season 2022 seems more than impossible after the Major League Baseball Players Association issued a statement rejecting the proposal to appoint intermediaries to end the lockout.

“Two months after implementing his lockout, and just two days after committing to the players to make a counterproposal, the owners refused to make a counterproposal and instead requested mediation,” points out the statement issued through social networks.

But the MLBPA is not refusing to negotiate, noting: “After consulting with our Executive Board and taking into account a variety of factors, We have rejected this request. The clearest path to a fair and timely agreement is to return to the table. The players are ready to negotiate.”

With this answer, It seems that there will not be time for the camps to start in the stipulated time, so the entire season hangs in the balance. and the option, if an agreement is finally reached, would be to cut the number of games.

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