The masses return to Madison: the Knicks sell out on their return to the playoffs

The New York Knicks return to the playoffs and the masses once again crowd the stands of the NBA halls. With 15,000 tickets sold for the first and second matches of the first round in the Madison Square GardenThe old normal has gained ground and will allow most teams to once again have a significant home court factor in the postseason playoffs.

Knicks they will be able to fill 75% of their stands, with 90% of attendees being already vaccinated against covid-19 as explained by the franchise itself. The first game of the tie against the Atlanta Hawks will be the largest mass event in an indoor venue
since the beginning of the pandemic in upstate New York.

The return of the fans will allow the teams to clean up their accounts a bit, and it has been speculated that the cheapest tickets to see the Knicks could cost a minimum of $ 1,000 in the market for free seats and resale.

All the numbers for each franchise are not yet known, but the Knicks’ stands will be the best looking at the start of the playoffs: the Philadelphia 76ers will have about 10,000 fans, while the Utah Jazz could expand their capacity to 13,000. The Milwaukee Bucks and Dallas Mavericks could allow up to 9,000 fans.

Those who will receive the least fans for now will be the Portland Trail Blazers, with a capacity of 11% in its pavilion, which is equivalent to about 2,000 fans. The restrictions due to the coronavirus, in the United States, seem like a thing of the past.

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