The main problem of Messi according to Afellay

Ibrahim Afellay played for Guardiola’s Barça and, although his career, long and extensive, has brought him many joys, in the Barça team he did not finish playing at his best level. This has been reported in a statement for Voetbal Primeur. In turn, also explained the complications that Leo Messi had in the dressing room, before going out on the pitch, because of the pressure.

The former international with the Netherlands, said that in Barcelona: “I had quite a few problems with meals, I could not swallow food before games. Very difficult, but I forced myself to eat“. Leo Messi suffered some complications for years, it was commented that they were stomach pains, which Afellay has related how he lived them:” Of course I was able to experience it closely: with Messi the pressure was so great that often, just before leaving , vomited in the bathroom. And sometimes you would see it in the game, just before the start. “

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Of the Argentine star, he could not leave more than flattery and at the same time, ask himself a question: “This man has achieved everything you can achieve in life. There will never be a player like him again, I think. If a person like that, who has nothing to prove to anyone, still experiences that pressure … That means something, I think. “

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